How safe is soy candles?

How safe is soy candles?

You might have come across alarming headlines regarding the potential risks of scented candles, especially claims that certain types, like those made of paraffin wax, could emit "toxic" substances that are linked to cancer. However, while it's true that scented candles can release vapors and particles that might be unsafe to inhale in large amounts, studies indicate that under normal usage, the exposure you experience is considerably below levels deemed harmful to your well-being. Experts assert that occasional candle-burning is unlikely to pose a danger.

Researchers utilized specialized instruments to measure the released and lingering substances in the air. Although some potential carcinogens such as benzene and formaldehyde were detected, the highest recorded levels after four hours of continuous burning were less than half of the indoor air-quality limits recommended by the World Health Organization. These findings were consistent even in the smaller spaces. Moreover, the highest levels fell within the range of typical indoor air concentrations of these chemicals.

Consequently, the study concluded that "under normal conditions of use, scented candles do not pose known health risks to the consumer." It's worth noting that although this study's findings align with other research, relatively few studies have examined the health effects of burning scented candles in general. Furthermore, most of the existing studies, including this one, have been conducted by researchers affiliated with the candle industry. Nonetheless, independent experts have attested to the reliability of these findings.

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